About Us

PIT Data began as a quick and ugly script which was tested at Kainuu Fisheries Research Station over terminal access to university machines. I was making a week long visit to the station and soon noticed how much time the researchers there had to spend on relatively menial work with the datasets. I asked them to borrow me a laptop and next morning when I showed the script doing its thing to a few researchers, they rather liked it (despite the ugliness).

From then on, PIT Data has grown to full suite of user-friendly programs, each with its own role in helping out people to analyze their PIT tag data. A regular stream of requests for new features has been met with a regular stream of updates. Letting computers do the routine work and helping people to focus on what they do best has been the goal PIT Data right from the beginning. Getting to help out on important research is then just icing on the cake.

At this point you have hopefully noticed that we really like hearing from our users. If you have any questions, comments or ideas about PIT Data, please DO drop me a note at niko@pitdata.net. I will also gladly hear your experiences with the product and how it fits your workflow.

Niko Vuokko, Founder

Niko is an all-round specialist in data science and systems and holds a PhD in data mining. He's an experienced data architect and a keen public speaker in adapting data science to solve real world business problems.