Full analysis of your PIT tag data in a snap!

PIT Data helps researchers and analysts take full control of their PIT tag data. You can finally focus on what you're best at, no more repetitive and slow data preparation.

Less work, more results

PIT Data can help you:

Get rid of useless data entries PIT tag data is often riddled with data entries that are repetitive or otherwise not useful in any way. In fact, our users have reported such data rows to reach over 90 % of their whole data. Removing this unhelpful mass saves a lot of disk space and makes processing the data much faster. It lets you actually see the needles in the haystack!

Forget about incompatible data formats PIT Data automatically detects what sort of data it is facing. No need to remember what type of system you used last summer for these datafiles.

Clean up corrupted data PIT tag systems often produce corrupted data rows every 1000 rows or so when the system fails to capture the whole tag information. PIT Data automatically detects and cleans up these problems.

Easily create detailed analysis of your whole data Creating summary statistics couldn't be easier, just point out the data file. (There's also a box to check if you want even more detail.)

Instantly view and edit notes for detected tags How about you wave a PIT tag next to an antenna and your laptop's Excel instantly jumps to the row with all the information about the tag and its host?

Automatically infer full movement paths Static analysis isn't enough, but tracking test subjects through the sometimes self-contradicting data jungle is even worse? PIT Data will do the detective work for you and run probabilistic analysis when necessary.

Match data to your own antenna designs No matter how you've built your antenna configurations, PIT Data will handle them and run full analysis customized to your purposes. PIT Data ships with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tool for describing antenna configurations.

...and a lot more

For more information, check out our FAQ or start a tour of PIT Data.

We often had too many ideas and datasets to analyze and not enough time to do it. PIT Data has helped us reach conclusions faster and get rid of the endless wrestling with data.